Airport Weather

KMEM VFR 140@5 29.91
KJAN IFR 180@19 29.92
KHSV VFR 170@8 29.98
KLIT VFR Calm 29.87
KBNA VFR 150@5 30.02
KFSM VFR 080@7 29.86



Top Controllers

This Week

Name Hours
Brandon Wening1.70
Toby Rice1.30
Michael LaRosh0.32

This Month

Name Hours
Clemens Martin138.32
Cardin Pelletier29.12
Christopher Carnett27.15
Brogan Lopez20.10
Joe Cooper13.36


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Opt In/Out

2018-07-11 19:04:31 by Richard Sill
This is a reminder to controllers who wish to receive emails from vZME that are not triggered by user actions.

Examples of these include notifications of sector file updates, information concerning events and relevant VATUSA and VATSIM notices which we may forward to you from time to time.

You can opt in or out at any time by clicking on "Profile" under your user name, selecting the "Notification" tab and checking or unchecking the Receive Emails box as appropriate.

Pre-Departure Clearance Available at Memphis

2018-05-27 03:47:45 by Cardin Pelletier
Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) is now available at three airports within the Memphis ARTCC airspace. Pilots will be able to take advantage of more expeditious service when flying out of Memphis (MEM), Nashville (BNA), or Adams (LIT) airports. No more waiting for clearance on a congested radio frequency. Controllers will be able to issue aircraft clearances automatically after reviewing an aircraft's filed flight plan, allowing pilots to have a written copy of the clearance rather than trying to copy down clearance items as they are read off to them by the controller.

For our controllers, the Pre-Departure Clearance Policy is effective immediately and can be found by going to Info > Downloads> Documents. Controllers should reference the associated training module, which can be found by login onto and going to My VATUSA> Computer Based Training (CBT), and selecting "ZME" from the list of facilities.

ZME Welcomes a New Mentor

2018-01-15 23:49:51 by Cardin Pelletier
Brogan Lopez is nearing his one-year mark for joining our team here at Memphis. Since that day, he has racked up over 400 hours of controlling time and has been through nearly 40 hours of
training. Recently, Brogan was awarded his C1 Controller rating and we are thrilled to have him join us as part of our training staff. As a mentor, Brogan will instruct students on S1 through S3 ratings and major endorsements, assist with controller examinations, and make recommendations for controller promotions and signoffs. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Brogan to the training team.



The Tremendous Southeastern Tripartite

Oct 5, 2018 | 18:59 - 00:00 Central 23:59z - 0500z UTC

It's time for a three-way FNO! Come join ZTL, ZHU & ZME for an awesome, three way Crossfire FNO on Friday October 5th at 2359Z!

Atlanta-Hartsfield, Houston Intercontinental and Memphis Intl will be fully staffed. We welcome all Airline, Cargo, Military & General Aviation traffic for this great event!

As the event nears, you can find preferred routes on all three ARTCCs websites. Please use these routes when traveling between KATL, KIAH, & KMEM as this will allow for a smooth sequence of traffic and reduce delays.

We can't wait for this awesome event and look forward to the fun!

For entertainment purposes only. Do not use for real world purposes. Part of the VATSIM Network.