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Airport Weather

KJAN VFR 330@3 30.05
KMEM VFR 320@12 30.06
KBNA VFR 330@11G19 29.94
KLIT VFR 330@14 30.15
KFSM VFR 320@12 30.29
KHSV VFR 290@5 29.93


Change to MEM_CTR sectors

2017-11-02 12:45:13 by Stu Limont

As you are aware, VATSIM operates a top down policy, however for years we have used MEM_05_CTR as our combined Center sector. This is a low sector which doesn’t seem to fit well with the VATSIM policy. Therefore, with effect from Thursday 9th November (our next AIRAC) we will be amending this and swapping a couple of frequencies around.

Our combined MEM_CTR sector will now be sector 33 (MEM_33_CTR). However this will be using 133.65 so there is no change to our combined CTR frequency. Sector 05 will switch to 135.9

To summarise, our main sector is now MEM_33_CTR, using 133.65.

A new POF file will be sent out with the new sector files next week. In the meantime if you have any questions or queries, please contact a member of the training team or a member of staff.


2017-10-22 21:55:24 by Jeffrey Sydenham

ZME Teamspeak is currently down, this is an issues at the hosting provider. i will have it back up as soon as the provider has fixed their issue

Memphis Welcomes a New Instructor

2017-09-19 05:21:01 by Cardin Pelletier

Please join us in congratulating Jeffrey Sydenham for receiving his I1 Instructor rating. Jeff joined the Memphis ARTCC in May of 2016 and was appointed as a Mentor for the ARTCC in March of 2017. Since then, Jeff has contributed dozens of hours training students and assisting in conducting training sessions and controller examinations. Jeff has also held many staff positions at ZME, including Facility Engineer and Deputy Air Traffic Manager, the position which he currently holds. In Jeff's new role as an Instructor, he will be taking on the responsibility of conducting over-the-shoulder examinations for students, assigning controller exams to students, and adjusting controller ratings and certification levels. We are very fortunate to have Jeff on our team and are thankful for his dedication to the ARTCC.



Post Holiday Delivery Rush

Dec 29, 2017 | 17:59 - 22:00 Central 23:59 - 04:00 UTC

Post Holiday Delivery Rush more info to come



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